Meghan Sharman &

Chris Pierangeli 

 Livestream Wedding


Meghan Sharman & Chris Pierangeli - Wedding Mass

Schedule for Saturday, August 08, 2020


Wedding Ceremony:

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

5194 Cold Spring Creamery Road

Doylestown, PA, 18902

  • 1:00 p.m. -  2:30 p.m.




Ash Creek Farm - Mike & Leslie's House

5067 Landisville Road

Doylestown, PA, 18902

  • 4:00 p.m. -  9:00 p.m.

  • Attire: Cocktail

Shuttle to and from the Reception

Saturday, August 8, 2020

3:45 pm

Beginning  at 3:45 PM, please park at Our Lady of Guadalupe

and a shuttle will be there to take you to the house

and return you to your car at the end of the night.

Wedding Mass - Livestream

Story of us - Meghan Sharman & Chris Pierangeli

On a typical football Saturday at Central Bucks East High School, Meghan and I would cross paths for what may have been the hundredth time since we both began coaching at East. But this day would be different. On this day, Meghan caught my eye and I would never miss her again. 


Nervous to approach her that day, I eventually found the courage to ask her out a few weeks later; only to be disappointed when the number I called failed. Fearing the worst, I assumed it was over and she was too nice to reject me in person. However, to my surprise, a friendly hello in the hallway inspired me to try one more time. Soliciting the help of the athletic director (and directory), I found out I was one number short and Meghan was awaiting my call the whole time. Oops.


Both busy with our coaching schedules, we settled on brunch at the Hattery in Doylestown for our first date. After the initial awkwardness of the typical first date conversations, we quickly bonded over our love for colonial America, more specifically the John Adams series, and we knew us nerds had a real shot. Soon after that, I met Meghan's first love, Maisel, a mutt from the streets of Georgia, and knew I would have to win her over too. By New Years Day, when we watched our Alma Mater Penn State lose yet another bowl game, there was no turning back and by Meghan's birthday in February, there was no doubt we wanted to be together forever.


A year later, we celebrated Meghan's favorite holiday season by buying a mini Christmas tree and decorating it together. We named him Fred. Maisel was uncertain, but got used to Fred. Then, on Christmas day, in front of Fred, I got down on one knee and Meghan said yes! After a day of celebrating with our families, we began to plan our life together and can't wait to make it official soon!


Meghan and Chris - August 8, 2020

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