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One hundred percent of stewardship donations stay in Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. Every fall, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish has its Annual Stewardship Campaign Appeal. During this campaign, we ask parishioners to make a one-time gift to support our parish ministries and our church.

Donate any time to Stewardship. Although our campaign is in the Fall, people can donate any time throughout the year to support Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.

OLG Surpasses Annual
Stewardship Campaign Appeal Goal - 2022

Today, we give sincere thanks for everyone’s kind and generous support of our Stewardship Campaign Appeal. As we reach the close of our appeal, we have raised $176,212 towards our goal of $150,000. We had 466 parish families contribute to the campaign. Thank you to all of our parishioners who have participated. These resources help us support our parish ministries, maintain our spiritual home and help those in need.

If you have not already responded and would like to, please visit our online egiving option. You may also place your response card and check in the weekly collection or return to the parish office using the remit envelope enclosed with your letter.


Thank you!

Goal:  $150,000

Achieved: $ 176,212


Last year:

Goal:  $150,000

Achieved: $175,950

Annual Stewardship Campaign Appeal
Report - 2021

The Stewardship Campaign Appeal that we carried out in October 2021 was, once again, a tremendous success and we far surpassed our goal of $150,000! Thank you for your demonstration of support and your involvement in carrying out our mission as a parish.


Given this past year with the continued complications caused by the pandemic and its financial implication for so many, I am astounded and humbled by your generosity. Because of your generosity, we are able to continue to fund our ministries and services, maintain important infrastructure to our spiritual home, support evangelization efforts to parishioners and provide much needed aid to the local poor and needy. It may interest you to know that all monies collected stay right here in the parish and are used as we designate. We will report to you, in the Fall, an update on how these monies were spent.

There is still time to participate in this important appeal. If you have not yet done so, please consider participating by returning your reply card or visiting the “give” page on our website:

Monsignor Gentili


Goal:  $150,000

Achieved: $175,950


Last Year 2020/ 2021:

  • Goal:  $150,000

  • Achieved:  $201,010


Our Stewardship Campaign supports many programs right here in our parish such as: Adult Faith, Health and Wellness, Parish upkeep and improvements, Foreign Missions, our sister parish in Haiti, Music, Youth Ministries and, so much more. Please contact us with any questions you may have about Stewardship.

Parish Business Manager: Tom Rakszawski

Phone: 267-247-5374

so many ways you can give:



Your weekly Church envelope is a great gift

to our parish community. 


The Parish Giving program is simple, secure, and consistent.



You are always welcome

to contact us to discuss creative ways to give.

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