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A vibrant, welcoming parish family dedicated to
growing disciples and making church matter.

The Good News

As Catholics, we are called to live our faith everyday by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and making new disciples. The church recognizes we live today in a culture that is different from a traditional Christian culture.

The truth the church teaches does not change, but the way in which the church delivers the good news must. There is a need to engage the world with the same truth in a different way.

Growing Disciples

Pope John Paul II coined the term “New Evangelization” in 1983 to describe this new approach to making disciples.

At Our Lady of Guadalupe, we understand that making disciples is a fundamental part of our Catholic faith.

Our goal is to become a vibrant, welcoming parish family, dedicated to growing disciples and making church matter.

This phrase has been adopted as the parish mission statement, and all parish evangelization initiatives are based on it.

Making Church Matter

We have created an Evangelization Committee to lead evangelization initiatives, but the members of our parish are the heart of the evangelization movement.

The Evangelization Committee urges all members of Our Lady of Guadalupe to use the resources it provides to challenge themselves to bring to life the goals of the committee and mission statement of the parish.

Helpful Links

Learn more about your role in New Evangelization, please view these resources:

Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Office for the New Evangelization

Catholics Come Home

Ministry Contact: Deacon Brady 

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