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Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish was established in June of 2000. Since then we have grown from celebrating Mass at the local high school to worshiping in our new church.


We continue to grow our community and our ministries with our new Parish Life Center and soon to be completed courtyard. Learn more about our site development, church dedication and continued expansion.

Parish History

In June of 2000, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced that a new parish would be built to serve the thriving Catholic population in central Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

That summer, approximately 1,500 families from Buckingham responded by gathering for the official founding of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. Many of us had recently moved to this newly-developed area, and we eagerly sought the community of new neighbors who shared our Roman Catholic faith.

Our Parish History to date is one filled with challenges, hopes, victories, faith, and ultimately joy. Each step we have made in our pilgrimage of faith has brought us closer to God, to one another, and to the goals of our Mission Statement.

Parish Site

The site of our beautiful church home is a 30-acre parcel of land at the intersection of Route 413 (Durham Road) and Cold Spring Creamery Road in Buckingham Township.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia agreed to purchase the land in 2004. It was the third tract of land considered for the construction of the church. Prior to the purchase, the land supported a corn farm and house.

Parish Dedication

Through God’s grace and the dedication, patience, loyalty, and generosity of our clergy, office staff, volunteers and parishioners, the dedication of Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Church took place on Sunday, June 11, 2011.

It was attended by the Archbishop of Philadelphia Justin Cardinal Rigali, three auxiliary bishops, 62 priests, 19 deacons, 11 area leaders of non-Catholic religious institutions, 37 local dignitaries and more than 1,300 parishioners.

A procession of attendees followed the Cardinal Archbishop into the building, which was entirely and perpetually dedicated to Christian worship through the ancient and sacred Catholic Rite of Dedication of a New Church.


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