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Monsignor Gentili frequently suggests interesting articles from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Archbishop Chaput, Pope Frances and more. To be an informed Catholic it’s important to be aware of the key Catholic issues that are happening in our community and world.

Monsignor has also written articles on various issues that affect our parish community.

Current News - THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2022
Bishop Chairmen Respond to Senate Vote
on Extreme Abortion on Demand Bill
Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 2.07.14 PM.png

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
3211 Fourth Street NE
Washington, DC 20017-1194

WASHINGTON - Today, the U.S. Senate failed to advance the Women’s Health Protection Act, S. 4132. This bill would have imposed abortion on demand nationwide at any stage of pregnancy through federal statute and would  have eliminated pro-life laws at every level of government -- including parental notification for minor girls, informed consent, and health or safety protections specific to abortion facilities. S. 4132 also would have compelled all Americans to support abortions here and abroad with their tax dollars and would  have also likely forced health care providers and professionals to perform, assist in, and/or refer for abortion against their deeply-held beliefs, as well as forced employers and insurers to cover or pay for abortion.


Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities and Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York, chairman of the Committee for Religious Liberty, issued the following statement: 

“The ‘Women’s Health Protection Act’ (S. 4132) is an utterly unjust and extreme measure that would impose abortion on demand nationwide at any stage of pregnancy through federal statute. We are relieved that the Senate vote to advance this bill failed for the second time in less than three months. This bill insists that elective abortion, including late-term elective abortion, is a ‘human right’ and ‘women’s health care’ -- something that should be promoted, funded, and celebrated. S. 4132 is far more extreme than Roe v. Wade. It would invalidate widely supported laws that protect women and unborn children from an unscrupulous abortion industry, would force all Americans to support abortion here and abroad with their tax dollars, and seeks to force religious hospitals and health care professionals to perform abortions against their beliefs. 

“More than 60 million unborn children have already lost their lives to abortion, and countless women suffer from the physical and emotional trauma of abortion. This radical bill would add millions more to that tragic toll.  As a nation built on the recognition that every human being is endowed by its Creator with the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we implore Congress to stop pushing abortion as a solution to the needs of women and young girls, and instead embrace public policy that fully respects and facilitates these rights and the needs of both mother and child.”

Current News - THURSDAY, MAY 12

Senate Republicans succeeded Wednesday in blocking a Democrat-led bill designed to mandate abortion on demand through all nine months in all 50 states. The so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” needed 60 votes to advance. Forty-nine Democrats voted yes, while West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin joined all 50 Republicans in voting no. President Biden immediately condemned Republicans for blocking the bill, which the U.S. Bishops have decried as the worst abortion legislation in history.

Current News 
Act now to Stop the bill
Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 11.08.35 PM.png

Dear Parishioners,

In response to the leak of a draft opinion in the Supreme Court case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Senate has scheduled another vote to impose nationwide abortion on demand through the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act, S. 4132.

Your senators need to hear from you NOW.

Among other extreme actions, this most radical abortion bill ever seen would:

  • Impose abortion on demand nationwide throughout every stage of pregnancy  

  • Eliminate existing pro-life laws nationally AND in every state and local government 

  • Force Americans to financially support abortions in the U.S. & abroad

  • Likely force health care providers to participate in abortions against their beliefs

  • Likely force employers and insurers to cover or pay for abortion


Please contact your Senators today to let them know this horrible bill must never become law. Pre-written messages are ready for you to edit or send. It just takes a moment!

In Christ Our Lord,

Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili

Current News 
Unanimous Supreme Court Flies Flag for Free Speech in Case Against City of Boston
Victory supreme court.jpg

Dear Parishioners,

The Supreme Court’s decision on Monday, May 2 was unanimous. A victory for religious freedom!

I personally find it interesting the decision did not get much media attention for how historic it is with regard to not only freedom of speech and religious liberty, but also an unanimous decision by all the members of the Supreme Court.

In November, the Catholic Vote Education Fund filed an amicus brief in the case of Harold Shurtleff v. City of Boston. Shurtleff is the director of Camp Constitution, a group that found itself in conflict with officials in the City of Boston.

Camp Constitution had applied to fly a Christian flag outside Boston City Hall in honor of Constitution Day. They wanted to recognize our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Officials with the City denied the request. 

In the 12 years since the city opened the flag pole to public use, the City of Boston never denied another flag  — and had even allowed the Chinese Communist flag and LGBT Pride flag on the pole! But not a “Christian” flag?

The brief argued that the City of Boston discriminated against the one Christian applicant, while “permitting a wide range of secular expression with which the government agrees.”

The City chose to attack Camp Constitution and singled them out because of their religious beliefs. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the City of Boston violated Shurtliff’s First Amendment rights.

It should be noted that not all of the Justices agreed on how far the decision might extend and what criteria should be used to determine what the First Amendment allows – or must be prohibited? But all of them agreed the City of Boston went too far.

It may seem like a small victory. But we have to remain vigilant and fight everywhere to protect our freedoms – especially our
fundamental religious freedom.

As Catholics, it is your moral obligation to participate in the election process. Whether it is a primary election or a mid-term election, all opportunities to participate in the electoral process are important for all of us as active citizens and Catholics.

In Christ Our Lord,

Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili

EASTER LETTER -  from Father Bavon in Haiti

Bois-de-Laurence, April 16, 2022

Father Bavon Easter letter.JPG
Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 10.42.50 PM.png
Monsignor Gentili Message

Please listen to Monsignor Gentili's message to our parish family about the return to Church, plus a coronavirus update.


Current News 
Abortion Vote
Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 3.23.21 PM.png

Senate Democrats failed to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act in a 46-48 vote Monday. The bill needed 60 votes to break a GOP-led filibuster. CatholicVote President Brian Burch denounced the bill. “Catholics are repulsed and disgusted by the Democratic political charade which sought to ram through the most extreme abortion law ever contemplated,” he said. CatholicVote compiled a list of how the Senate's 25 Catholic members voted on the abortion bill.

Current News 
Parish Surpasses Catholic Charities Appeal Goal
Catholic charities.jpg

“I wish to express my deep gratitude for the generosity of our parishioners for their support of the 2021 Catholic Charities Appeal. This is another example of the OLG Difference,” said Monsignor Gentili. The OLG parish goal was $76,624. OLG surpassed the goal by contributing $100,566 to date!

Our parish has shared in the collective efforts of the Catholic Charities Appeal in “Giving Hope to All”. Thank you for your continued generosity. Your kindness will support tens of thousands of people through countless organizations and ministries throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

Our primary goal moving forward is to continue to inspire others to fulfill the needs of our larger community. We encourage you to continue your generosity by remaining involved in the Catholic Charities Appeal to help in those efforts.

Devotedly Yours in Christ,

Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili

Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

LETTER -  from Father Bavon in Haiti

Bois-de-Laurence, September 29, 2021

Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 10.42.50 PM.png

Thank you so much for all your caring love, prayers, support and concern for our missionary work here at St. Anne’s Parish Haiti. Unfortunately for the second year I am not able to be there to speak with you on this special Mission Sunday.

I ask that I relay these words to the Our Lady of Guadalupe community on my behalf:

First, I would like to sincerely thank Monsignor Gentili for accepting St Anne’s Parish as its foremost foreign Mission. I know he had many requests but he accepted our mission knowing that there were so many OLG parishioners with a strong connection to our mission of serving the poorest of the poor in the mountains of Haiti.

The work you have accomplished over the past few years is just incredible. You have done so much I don’t even know where to start. You began with sending containers of food and clothing after the earthquake.

Next, you arrived with a medical team seeing every child at St. John Bosco school along with many other people with health conditions in the parish. You then transitioned into setting up a full time clinic and pharmacy with remote diagnostics. This gives great comfort to the parents in the community.

You saw our generator was broken and you replaced it with a brand new one bringing the only power source for the community back on line.

You saw that we were in need of a truck and you purchased a new one. The new truck is our only means for bringing people to the hospital and picking up supplies from the nearest city that is 2 hours away.

I came to you 2 years ago seeking funding to replace our dilapidated schools. I thought the campaign would last several years but with your generosity I returned to Haiti with almost full funding. The Middle and High schools have been completed and we have just about finished the grade schools.

On your last visit your team was able to refit the old woodshop. This enabled us to employ locals to build the school desks and furniture.

You were also able to do temporary repairs to a small hut occupied by a single woman with her 8 children. I know your team is looking forward to building her a new house on your return.I was very surprised when you arrived with 30 laptops for the new computer center. I still cannot believe Monsignor made the journey for the grand opening!

With your support we have supplied the budget for teachers and school personnel salaries and improved the quality of education. Our school is now counted among the best schools in the North- East region.

We have two laureates for the region and ten for the district from our middle school. This is a sign that we have surely improved our performance and makes us happy as it rewards our efforts.

We have also improved student meals at the school cafeteria. We have selected and assigned a team of cooks who are also paid regularly due to your support. Kids are always happy when they see the cantina opened.

Every year the number of students is increasing. We have now three extensions of our school in the neighboring villages.


Our Prospects and Hope for the Future


One of the biggest dreams for the entire community would be the blessing of having a purifying water system. While the attention of the entire world is turned to the covid-19, many people from our village are suffering in silence from many diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, stomachache, fever caused by drinking of non purified water. Because there is not a purifying water system, people take water directly from the sources that expose too many sicknesses.


We are hoping to purchase a purifying water system in order to improve this situation. The technician explained that the cost for these machines vary from sizes and brands. We will also have to install the water system as well as a storage system and generator. According to the technician the total cost could be up to $ 40 000 This is an important project but I’m afraid it is expensive.


What you are doing brings to my mind the seven Corporal Works of Mercy. Treating the poor as Christ is embodied in them. What makes me so happy is that you do this because you want to not because you should.


I was so overwhelmed when I arrived at St Anne’s Parish. I knew that the work was undoable on my own. I prayed for help in my mission and I found strength in the hearts of the people at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.

I end by giving a heartfelt thank you in the creole language. Mesi anpil anpil


Fr. Bavon Marie Mubakanda, cicm Bois-De-Laurence


COVID-19 vaccine News UPDATE


Dear Brothers,

In recent days some of you have received contact from parishioners to provide a letter or sign a form supporting their requests for an exemption from obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds. This matter has been considered by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and I take this opportunity to provide clarifying guidance.  

In unison with the Holy See and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the Archdiocese of Philadelphia strongly recommends that all members of the Catholic community should receive the COVID-19 vaccine unless a medical reason prevents them from doing so. That recommendation is based on the facts that the COVID-19 vaccines and their development have been determined morally acceptable and that we all share a common ethical responsibility to the well-being of our fellow human beings.  


As the USCCB noted in its document on Moral Considerations Regarding the New COVID-19 Vaccines, “Receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines ought to be understood as an act of charity toward the other members of our community. In this way, being vaccinated safely against COVID-19 should be considered an act of love of our neighbor and part of our moral responsibility for the common good.” In writing on behalf of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith last December, Cardinal Ladaria stated, “In any case, from the ethical point of view, the morality of vaccination depends not only on the duty to protect one's own health, but also on the duty to pursue the common good.” As such, neither the Archdiocese nor its parishes are able to provide support, written or otherwise, for individuals seeking an exemption from the vaccine on religious grounds. 

Individuals may wish to pursue an exemption from vaccination based on their own reasons of conscience. In such cases, the burden to support such a request is not one for the local Church or its presbyterate to validate and we are not able to provide support for exemption requests on that basis. 

We continue to live in challenging times and I realize that many demands are placed on you. The links below may prove helpful as you navigate this topic with parishioners in a pastoral manner. 

Please be assured of my prayerful gratitude for your ongoing dedication and many sacrifices on behalf of those entrusted to your care. 

Sincerely in Christ,

Reverend Michael F. Hennelly 

Vicar for Clergy

Current News 
President Biden’s budget proposes -
forcing taxpayers to fund abortion on demand!

Recently, President Biden released his Fiscal Year 2022 budget in which he proposes to eliminate the Hyde Amendment and some related pro-life provisions. Calling for elimination of Hyde in a president’s budget is unprecedented. 


Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities issued a statement expressing deep concerns, saying:


“I call on all government leaders to work toward a budget that truly builds up the common good of all. This should include the many proposals in the President’s budget submission that seek to protect vulnerable people. And it must also preserve the Hyde Amendment and related provisions which have protected millions of unborn babies, and mothers in difficult circumstances, from the tragedy of abortion.” 

Archbishop Naumann’s full statement can be read here.


Without the Hyde Amendment and related policies, billions of taxpayer dollars could be used to pay for abortion in the United States and throughout the world.


Don’t let our government make you pay for the taking of innocent human life. Contact the President and express your strong disagreement with his decision to force taxpayers to fund abortion on demand. At the same time, tell Congress to keep the Hyde Amendment and related policies and to oppose any bill that expands taxpayer funding of abortion.

Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion. Save the Hyde Amendment!

People should not be forced to pay for abortion with their tax dollars against their will. The Hyde Amendment has majority support. A January 2021 Marist poll found that 58% of Americans oppose federal funding of abortion. A November 2020 McLaughlin poll found that 64% of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. The McLaughlin poll notably found that 69% of Independents and even 49% of Democrats oppose taxpayer of abortion. 


The Hyde Amendment has enjoyed bipartisan support since 1976 and has been continually included in the appropriations process since then. The Hyde Amendment is estimated to have saved over 2.4 million lives. It was estimated that before the Hyde Amendment took effect, the Medicaid program was paying for about 300,000 elective abortions annually, and that number was escalating rapidly. 


The Hyde Amendment is not discriminatory. It saves babies of all ethnicities. Government funding of abortion is discriminatory. According to the Centers for Disease Control, African American babies are killed by abortion at a rate more than three times that of non-Hispanic white babies and Hispanic babies are aborted at a rate of almost 75% greater than that of nonHispanic white babies. Taxpayer funding of abortion would kill even more African American and Hispanic babies. President Biden and the pro-abortion Democratic leadership should not be allowed to remove the Hyde Amendment and force everyone to pay for abortion with their tax dollars.

Current News 
OLG Welcomes Seminarian - Tim Banach

Tim Banach is studying to be a priest for the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. Originally from Upstate New York, Tim moved to Arlington to work as a consultant after graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Systems Engineering. While working in Arlington, he heard the call to the priesthood and was accepted as a seminarian for the Diocese of Arlington in 2019. He recently completed two years of philosophical studies at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and is now in his first year of theological studies at St. Charles.

Timothy Banach.jpg

An essential component of a seminarian’s priestly training is pastoral formation. Parish communities are chosen carefully for their ability to provide experiences and supervision that will support and assist the seminarian toward that sacred goal. Please welcome him into our parish family and pray for him as he responds to God’s call to Priesthood!

Current News 
OLG Welcomes Seminarian - Shane Flanagan
Shane Flanagan image.jpg

I have the great pleasure of welcoming Seminarian Shane Flanagan from Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary. As part of pastoral training, seminarians are assigned during the academic year to assist and serve in parishes on Thursdays. It is a tremendous compliment to be considered among those parishes carefully chosen in this important aspect of training our future priests.

Shane will assist with various programs in the parish including: visiting the sick and homebound, visiting Buckingham Springs Rehab Center and Doylestown Hospital, helping with parish ministries and working with the PREP program.  Please join me in welcoming him.​

Sincerely In Our Lord,

Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili

Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church



An essential component of a seminarian’s priestly training is pastoral formation. Parish communities are chosen carefully for their ability to provide experiences and supervision that will support and assist the seminarian toward that sacred goal. Please welcome him into our parish family and pray for him as he responds to God’s call to Priesthood!

Message from our new Seminarian - Shane Flanagan

It is my great honor to be a part of the wonderful parish family here at Our Lady of Guadalupe.I am very excited to spend my summer here and am looking forward to getting to know and be a part of this great parish family. By means of a short introduction, my name is Shane Flanagan and I am a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. I will be entering Third Theology in August, which means I will be God willingly ordained a priest for the Archdiocese in May of 2023.


I was born and raised in St. Dominic Parish, located in Northeast Philadelphia, and am the seventh of eight children. I attended Father Judge High School, graduating in 2014, and after one year at Arcadia University entered the Seminary, where I graduated the college portion of the seminary in 2018.


Thank you for your warm welcome to the parish and thank you in advance for your generosity and hospitality throughout the summer!

Looking forward to meeting you,

Shane Flanagan  

Letter To Monsignor Gentili - ROE -VS- WADE/2021

Dear Joseph,


Nearly 50 years ago, the U.S Supreme Court handed down the Roe v. Wade decision, legalizing abortion nationwide.


This deeply flawed and overreaching decision is one of the most well-known and controversial cases in American history. 

It’s also the deadliest court decision in American history.

In fact, since Roe was decided, over 62 million preborn children have been killed in abortion clinics across the country. And every day, the death toll continues to rise.


However, since the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court last fall, which changed the makeup of the Court, the future of Roe has dominated the headlines. Advocates on both sides of the issue have predicted how the Court will respond to abortion cases, speculated on how certain justices will vote, and painted a picture of what America may look like if Roe were overturned.


As cases are considered and we look ahead to critical Supreme Court rulings, it is important for dedicated pro-lifers, like you, to be equipped with the facts about Roe v. Wade.

That’s why I wanted to share this resource from Human Coalition Action, which answers some of the most pressing questions about Roe v. Wade and its impact on abortion in America:

On this page, you can get answers to common questions, such as:

  • What was abortion law before Roe v. Wade?

  • Would overturning Roe v. Wade end abortion in America?

  • How can pro-life Christians get involved?


The months ahead will be critical in the fight for life. I hope you will take some time to learn about this issue so you can join us in advocating for the most vulnerable population on the planet –

pre-born children.


Thank you for your ongoing support of Human Coalition Action. God bless you!


For life,


Dean Nelson
Executive Director

P.S. — Did you know another important case about abortion was ruled on the same day as Roe v. Wade? Learn more about the cases surrounding Roe here:

Bishop Nelson Perez
For Further reflection:
Covid-19 Virus and Vaccine Update
Vacine update 2021.jpg

Dear Parishioners,

In my effort to keep parishioners informed on all important issues, I offer this article to assist you in making decisions concerning the Covid-19 Virus and the vaccines available at the present time.  I did publish a Flocknote on Friday, March 5, 2021 regarding the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) statement on the virus.  In the interim another statement has been published by the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference of Bishops.  I have been able to do some research and receive guidance which helps to clarify and add to past information published on the website and bulletin.  I realize that, at times, it may be difficult to plow through and research all the information that is out there for us to consume in order to be informed Catholics.  I am attempting to synthesize some of the salient points regarding the vaccines associated with the Covid-19 Virus.  I highly recommend that you read the resources I have made available to you in the past as well as those referenced in this article.


The Bishops of the state of Pennsylvania encourage all people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.  Getting the vaccination, whichever one you may choose, or is made available to you, is considered an act of charity and even part of a moral responsibility for the common good.  It is a way of protecting not only you, but also those around you.  The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference of  Bishops reminds us of the consistency of their message throughout the pandemic in reference to the virus and vaccines: 


“While we should continue to insist that pharmaceutical companies stop using abortion-derived cell lines, given the world-wide suffering that this pandemic is causing, we affirm again that being vaccinated can be an act of charity that serves the common good…In essence, we recognize that at this time individuals are not given a choice of which vaccine to receive and that this should not prevent Catholics from getting vaccinated as soon as possible. Catholics may in good conscience receive any vaccine in order to protect themselves.”


Click to view entire statements at:

The Ethics & Public Policy Center recently offered a pastoral approach to the issues at hand when reflecting on the virus and the vaccines associated with it.  The article is entitled, “Statement for Pro-Life Catholic Scholars on the Moral Acceptability of Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines.”  You may be aware that there are four major vaccines available at the present time:  Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.  (The AstraZeneca vaccine is not yet approved in the United States.)  The authors of the article present to us a cogent, appropriately Catholic rationale, in communion with the Vatican’s Statements on Covid-19, the USCCB as well as the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference of Bishops.  They make the case that in accepting any of the vaccines offered at the present time, one would not show disrespect for the remains of an unborn human being.  Furthermore, one could say that you would not be violating the most important value of defending the intrinsic equal dignity all human beings from conception to natural death.  “Accordingly, Catholics, and indeed, all persons of good will who embrace a culture of life for the whole human family, born and unborn, can use these vaccines without fear of moral culpability.”

Additionally, I refer you to the Vatican documents, “Vatican Covid -19 Commission in collaboration with the Pontifical Academy for Life and Sciences” (December 29, 2019) and “Note on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 Vaccines.”  These documents are well worth your read as they set into context the Church's constant and consistent moral teachings, observations and concerns regarding the virus and vaccines in the areas of:  research and production, avoidance of commercial exploitation, fair and equitable distribution, forming a proper conscience, along with the overriding concern for the public health and well-being of humanity during the present crisis of this world pandemic.          

I hope you find this information helpful.  Let us continue to pray for one another and for all those people working so diligently to serve all of us who have been affected by this horrific pandemic. 


Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!


Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili

Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church


 Pennsylvania Pro-life Federation

Dear Members of the Parish,

As your pastor, I highly encourage you to participate in this request from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, regarding these important pieces of legislation, and contacting Senators Toomey and Casey.

The links will guide you through the process. If you are unable to do this, then I would encourage you to make a phone call. Thank you for your efforts at being involved and informed citizens and Catholics.


Sincerely Yours in Our Lord,

Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili

Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

So-Called Equality Act:
Please contact U.S. Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey and urge them to oppose the so-called Equality Act (H.R. 5). The bill would potentially expand abortion in general, and taxpayer funding of abortion in particular. Contact Senators Casey and Toomey here:

National Right to Life
National Right to Life Committee opposed passage of H.R. 5. In addition to other issues, H.R. 5 poses a significant pro-life threat. More on this legislation can be found here:

Bishop Nelson Perez
article - important reading and information

highly recommended by Monsignor Gentili regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine.

December 14, 2020



US Bishop Chairmen for Pro-Life and Doctrine Address Ethical Concerns on New COVID-19 Vaccines

‘The reasons to accept the new COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are sufficiently serious to justify their use’ 


On December 14, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Doctrine, and Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas, chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities, issued a statement on the new COVID-19 vaccines. In their statement, the bishops address the moral concerns raised by the fact that the three vaccines that appear to be ready for distribution in the United States all have some connection to cell lines that originated with tissue taken from abortions.

With regard to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, they concluded: “In view of the gravity of the current pandemic and the lack of availability of alternative vaccines, the reasons to accept the new COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are sufficiently serious to justify their use, despite their remote connection to morally compromised cell lines.

“Receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines ought to be understood as an act of charity toward the other members of our community.  In this way, being vaccinated safely against COVID-19 should be considered an act of love of our neighbor and part of our moral responsibility for the common good.

” With regard to the AstraZeneca vaccine, the bishops found it to be “more morally compromised” and consequently concluded that this vaccine “should be avoided” if there are alternatives available. “It may turn out, however, that one does not really have a choice of vaccine, at least, not without a lengthy delay in immunization that may have serious consequences for one’s health and the health of others,” the bishop chairmen stated. “In such a case … it would be permissible to accept the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

At the same time, the bishops also warned that Catholics “must be on guard so that the new COVID-19 vaccines do not desensitize us or weaken our determination to oppose the evil of abortion itself and the subsequent use of fetal cells in research.”



Click the button below to read the full statement from the Bishop Chairmen.

Most Reverend Joseph F. Naumann.jpg
Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades.jpg
Bishop Nelson Perez
Catholic Foundation -
PArish support Initiative - 2020
Bishop Nelson Perez

In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus taught that the two greatest commandments are to love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. In this peculiar time of quarantine, God is asking us to live these commandments to our fullest capacities.

Despite being unable to be together physically, we can express our love of God and neighbor in prayer and works. Now, more than ever, we remain steadfast in our solidarity amongst each other, and spread the love Christ taught us.

We appreciate your support of Our Lady of Guadalupe by mailing your weekly offering or donating online via Parish Giving. In these challenging times, if you would like to make a donation to another parish in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia you can through the Parish Support Initiative.

This initiative is made possible through a partnership with The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia. If you you would like to help support a parish click the button below.

Our latest Stained glass Addition

Mary, Queen of the Angels

From time to time, as appropriate you may recall that I am accustom to giving updates on where we are on, not only construction, but also the on-going artistic work within the church and chapel.

Chapel window.JPG

I am happy to inform you of yet another addition of a newly created beautiful stained glass window in the chapel. The work is inspired by the intention to continue to have Marian themes associated with much of the artistic works of our church and chapel. The window in the side niche of the chapel is entitled Mary, Queen of the Angels, a title given to Mary throughout the rich history and tradition of our Catholic Faith, which states as dogma, that Mary is assumed into heaven and is with Jesus Christ, her divine son. Mary should be called Queen, not only because of her Divine Motherhood of Jesus Christ, but also because God has willed her to have an exceptional role in the work of eternal salvation. 

Please click the link below to read the rest of Monsignor's letter and to  learn more about the gorgeous stained glass images.

Sincerely Yours In Our Lord,


Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili
 - Pastor

Our latest Stained glass Addition- continued

Descent of the holy spirit on the blessed mother and the apostles

 I am happy to inform you of the addition of a newly created beautiful stained glass window in the chapel. The work is inspired by a kyrotic approach to capturing the events taking place at the end of Luke’s Gospel and the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles.

This main window depicts the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Blessed Mother and the Apostles. The gift of Holy Spirit is depicted by a Dove in the center window being released from the open hands of the Ascending Jesus and overlooked by the Father, creator of heaven and earth.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are represented by the tongues of flame over the heads of Mary and the Apostles, flowing from the eternal love exchanged between the Father and Son. The young person laying on the ground, hands over ears, with eyes peering up, at the feet of Mary may represent the viewer of the window entering into the moment of the Holy Spirit’s descent calling forth a response. 

Please click the link below to read the rest of Monsignor's letter

and to  learn more about the gorgeous stained glass images.

Chapel Altar windo.png

2018 - REVIEW of Important articles


To be an informed Catholic it’s important to be aware of the key Catholic issues that are happening in our community and world.

Our parish community feels it's important to maintain on our website, relevant articles related to the release of the 40th Statewide Grand Jury Report of six dioceses within the State of Pennsylvania for your reference.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.04.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.04.50 PM.png



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