Monsignor Reports

Monsignor's Reports 

Monsignor Gentili frequently suggests interesting articles from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Archbishop Chaput, Pope Frances and more. To be an informed Catholic it’s important to be aware of the key Catholic issues that are happening in our community and world.

Monsignor has also written articles on various issues that affect our parish community.

Current News 
Stewardship Campaign Appeal - 2019
November 03, 2019

Each year at this time, it has become a tradition to kick off our annual Stewardship Campaign Appeal. The last three years have proven to be a huge success, raising over 150,000 thousand dollars in each year! So this year, in collaboration with our Finance Council and Pastoral Council, the goal has been set to remain once again at $150,000 thousand dollars! I am happy to announce to you that we will be celebrating our twentieth anniversary as a parish, eight years here on this campus! What a milestone for us, despite so many obstacles, hurdles and challenges which we have endured, but more importantly we have flourished! 

Like gold tested in the fire, so our faith as a community has been strengthened. It has been in her most difficult times of struggle and pain that our Catholic Church, through God’s grace and intervention, has been able to raise up from within some of her finest saints who witness boldly by committing themselves to our true Catholic Faith, authentic reform and renewal. Might we be called to make a difference at this time to that authentic witness, which no scandal or persecution can blot out? 

About a month ago in our Fiscal Report you heard some really good news with regard to the huge hurdles we have been able to overcome, and challenges we still face regarding debt reduction, the building of our PLC, completion of the courtyard, and working toward fiscal responsibility with regard to operating expenses. By your example and commitment, we continue to be a vibrant, welcoming parish family. 

The revitalization of our annual Stewardship Campaign Appeal over the last four years was part of our strategic plan to emphasize our mission to grow disciples and make Church matter. Why? Because this parish helps us to encounter Jesus Christ in very pastoral and practical ways just as did Zacchaeus, in the Gospel today. 

In his encounter with the Lord, Zacchaeus was moved to share his wealth with the poor and those people he encountered in the public square. My hope is that through this Campaign Appeal, we all may respond with just such sincerity of heart and generosity. In a phrase traditionally known to as to put into practice the spiritual and corporal works of mercy: to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned, comfort those who are morning, bury the dead, to educate and catechize, and evangelize, as well as pray and support each other. Through our experiences and encounters, nourished on this campus on Sundays and throughout the week, we can participate personally in the call of Jesus to be his disciples. 

In this regard, I need your help. The annual Stewardship Campaign Appeal helps us to create resources for our ever growing and successful pastoral efforts as described in our strategic plan, namely:

  • Evangelization –

    • A major initiative includes the continued use and growth of media and technology along with a safety and security system 

    • Out-reach to our Spanish speaking communities

    • Out-reach to members who do not attend Mass at all or only on an occasional basis

    • Innovative Adult Faith Formation programs throughout the year to nourish and enrich our faith

    • Creative and interesting programs for our young adults, the youth and our children in PREP


  • Funding for our ministries, services and activities. 

  • Support to the infrastructure of our artistic and environmental enhancements.

  • A contingency resource for unexpected costs which surely come up every year, as they do in your own homes.

Monies donated for these causes allow us to use regular collections toward the loan and other operating expenses. All monies stay here within the parish. You may have noticed in our bulletin some of the programs highlighted from time to time, which were helped by the Stewardship monies this past year. We will continue to feature those ministries, committees, organizations and activities that benefit from this campaign.

As always, I am most grateful and humbled for all you do for one another as a parish family. Your generosity, kindness and witness to our Catholic Faith are all a source of inspiration to me as your pastor. In the next few days you will receive a letter from me asking for your help to achieve our goal of $150,000 thousand dollars. Last year we surpassed that amount, so let’s go for the gusto, and “just do it.” … Members of the Finance Council and Pastoral Council will be in the back of the Church to answer any questions you may have.

God bless you all. Be assured of my continued prayers for you and your intentions, and please, please pray for me.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, Pray for us!

Sincerely Yours In Our Lord,


Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili
 - Pastor

Current News 
Update on OLG Safety and Security
Recent Hate Crime  
October 14, 2019

It is unfortunate to report that the memorial cross display at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish was vandalized this past weekend. On Saturday evening, October 12, 2019, 40 of the 61 memorial crosses commemorating the millions of the unborn lives lost to abortion since the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade were taken out of the ground, broken and stacked in two piles. In addition, two signs reading, “Stop surgical abortions,” were stolen.


To read Monsignor’s response, please click the link below.  

Current News 
Being in the Real Presence of God

Read a parishioner’s response to the Advent Preaching Series.

A friend asked me these questions:

“The communion bread that you take is just a symbol of the Body of Jesus, right?” “You don’t really believe it is Jesus, right?” I quickly replied: “I do believe it is, because Jesus said at the Last Supper,” This is my body, which is given to you. Do this in remembrance of me.” She replied very blandly, “Oh”.

Why didn’t I respond more enthusiastically about the very source and summit of the catholic faith, The Eucharist, THE REAL PRESENCE. Could it be that, like many regularly attending Catholics, I have been taking this miraculous gift for granted.

So, the next Sunday I very conscientiously enter Our Lady of Guadalupe Church with renewed fervor....


Please read the rest of the response by clicking the link.  

 OLG Parishioners Donate Nearly $15K to the Little Sisters of the Poor 

The Little Sisters of the Poor are celebrating 150 years of serving the elderly in Philadelphia. Recently, the Little Sisters were at Our Lady of Guadalupe and a collection was taken to support their mission.

Between the second collection that was taken during their appeal on July 27 and 28 and donations from our parishioners after that weekend, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish’s total contribution was $14,944.

Our latest Stained glass Addition

Mary, Queen of the Angels

From time to time, as appropriate you may recall that I am accustom to giving updates on where we are on, not only construction, but also the on-going artistic work within the church and chapel.

I am happy to inform you of yet another addition of a newly created beautiful stained glass window in the chapel. The work is inspired by the intention to continue to have Marian themes associated with much of the artistic works of our church and chapel. The window in the side niche of the chapel is entitled Mary, Queen of the Angels, a title given to Mary throughout the rich history and tradition of our Catholic Faith, which states as dogma, that Mary is assumed into heaven and is with Jesus Christ, her divine son. Mary should be called Queen, not only because of her Divine Motherhood of Jesus Christ, but also because God has willed her to have an exceptional role in the work of eternal salvation. 

Please click the link below to read the rest of Monsignor's letter and to  learn more about the gorgeous stained glass images.

Sincerely Yours In Our Lord,


Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili
 - Pastor

Our latest Stained glass Addition- continued

Descent of the holy spirit on the blessed mother and the apostles

 I am happy to inform you of the addition of a newly created beautiful stained glass window in the chapel. The work is inspired by a kyrotic approach to capturing the events taking place at the end of Luke’s Gospel and the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles.

This main window depicts the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Blessed Mother and the Apostles. The gift of Holy Spirit is depicted by a Dove in the center window being released from the open hands of the Ascending Jesus and overlooked by the Father, creator of heaven and earth.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are represented by the tongues of flame over the heads of Mary and the Apostles, flowing from the eternal love exchanged between the Father and Son. The young person laying on the ground, hands over ears, with eyes peering up, at the feet of Mary may represent the viewer of the window entering into the moment of the Holy Spirit’s descent calling forth a response. 

Please click the link below to read the rest of Monsignor's letter

and to  learn more about the gorgeous stained glass images.

THe poor and needy amoung us

You may have noticed in recent weeks, you may have noticed from time to time, people in need standing outside of Mass on Sunday, with signs requesting money. It seems to be a more recent phenomenon at the church and is happening more and more frequently. I thought it might interest you to know some of my insights as to why this is happening and how you might best be able to respond charitably in these sad and difficult situations.

A few years ago I began to realize that the poor and needy of this area are on the rise. It seems odd to think that we have “poor and needy” people right here in Buckingham and the Doylestown area, if only passing through, but we do have both residential and mendicant poor and needy people. We may choose to ignore them or the situation, but they do exist and the need is real. In responding to this otherwise inconspicuous situation on the rise, I decided to seek the assistance of the members of the Health and Wellness Committee. We were able to formulate a sub-committee which is named The Life Help Group.

Please click the link to continue to the article.

Archbishop Chaput's Address

to the Constitutional Studies Program

at the University of Notre Dame.

On Friday October 11, 2019 Archbishop Chaput delivered an address to the Constitutional Studies Program at the University of Notre Dame.

The full text of his talk, “Things Worth Dying For -

The Nature of a Life Worth Living,”

Archbishop Chaput

STRIVE: A Free Online Pornography Detox Resource

We all know that pornography is a silent epidemic, tearing apart countless marriages and families. There is a new powerful new tool designed to help Catholic men who are struggling in this area. STRIVE is a 21-day detox from porn developed by Matt Fradd, and published by Philadelphia based Cardinal Studios.

Thousands of men from around the world have seen a powerful transformation in their lives with this online series. STRIVE is available in both English and Spanish, and is offered at no cost. STRIVE is the most powerful tool I’ve seen to help men break free from the grips of pornography I pray this bears much fruit for the men of your parish.

Gratefully yours in Jesus Christ, Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Archbishop of Philadelphia.


Please click the link to learn more about how STRIVE can help.

Safety and Security Talk to the Parish, June 2019

In the fall of 2018 I initiated with the support of both the Pastoral and Finance Councils a Safety and Security Committee under the direction of Bob Weikel. The charge of this committee was to study all aspects of our safety and security in light of some vandalism that we have experienced over the years and in the present day environment of recent random acts of violence in places of worship and other public sectors. And, in addition, to make recommendations on how I can continue to assure your safety and security as members of Our Lady of Guadalupe as we come together on this campus throughout the week.

The members of the committee include retired law enforcement officers, security specialists and various other members of the parish. Since its inception, they have consulted with our local police force here in Buckingham as well as various other agencies. I am sharing with you now some highlights and points of interest.

A full standard operating procedure for assisting us in cases of emergency will be in full force by August (this is available on parish website). Procedures will be made public and all leaders will be informed and made aware of important steps in order to usher people to safety and inform law enforcement as well as other emergency agencies as appropriate. An exhaustive list of options were discussed as to their benefits and usefulness toward making our place a safe and welcoming worship sight, as well as the impact these options would have practically. Highlighted here are just some of the important decisions:

We have implemented a closed and locked door policy here in the church 15 minutes after major worship events, including Sunday Mass.  Ushers and Ambassadors of OLG will be posted at the front doors to monitor and allow us to come and go freely throughout the Mass and other events. 

Additionally, a comprehensive camera system has been approved and will be installed throughout the campus. This was one of the first recommendations that the Buckingham Police made to us with regard to prevention and prosecution.

We have also enlisted the support of our police to provide continuous monitoring of our campus as a part of the regular patrolling and shifts throughout the day and week.

Unfortunately, with the horrible events happening around the world, it is important that if you are in any large crowd, including church services, and gunfire occurs it is important that you (1) don’t panic and try to maintain your composure, (2) make yourself a very small target by getting low, and (3) leave the area as soon as possible.

The Safety and Security Committee will continue to meet on a regular basis to make updates and adjustments to our policy, as well as communicate them to us as appropriate and needed.  I am most grateful to all of them for their time, enthusiasm, expertise as well as the recommendations they have made and will continue to make in the future.

Anyone who has any questions or ideas they may like to share with our Safety and Security Committee may do so by contacting our Maintenance Supervisor and also our Head of Safety and Security, Joe Balaza, or any other members of the Committee.

OLG Safety & Security Committee:

Bob Weikel, Joe Balaza, Joe D’Agostino,

Dennis Folweiler, Pete Hawley, Dennis Logan,

Ray Lokay, Tony Martin, Tom Murphy, Bill Sweeney and Paul Zikmund

To learn more about the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church 

standard operating procedure for responding to an active shooter, please click the button below.

Current News 
We Welcome a New Seminarian - Derick DeCamp

Derick DeCamp is a seminarian studying for the Diocese of Harrisburg at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. Prior to entering the seminary, he obtained a BA in Psychology from Millersville University in spring of 2017. While at Millersville, Derick was involved with the Newman Center on campus. He became aware of a call to serve others during his sophomore year of college, but it was not until after a vocation retreat during the summer of his junior year that he stopped asking himself and started asking God how He wanted him to serve. After this change of thought, Derick soon realized that God wanted him to seriously discern the priesthood by entering seminary formation, which he did in the fall of 2017.

This year Derick is beginning his third year of formation and is starting his theological studies necessary for priestly formation. He is looking forward to being with the OLG community on Thursdays during the school year.

An essential component of a seminarian’s priestly training is pastoral formation. Parish communities are chosen carefully for their ability to provide experiences and supervision that will support and assist the seminarian toward that sacred goal. Please welcome him into our parish family and pray for him as he responds to God’s call to Priesthood!

Current News 
We Welcome a New Seminarian - Mark Tobin

Seminarian Mark Tobin is happy to have been assigned to serve the people of Our Lady of Guadalupe for his summer assignment during which he will reside at the OLG rectory, and the upcoming year apostolate on Thursdays. Mark is entering his sixth year at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and the third year of Theology studies. He is currently in formation for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and is moving to Diaconate ordination next May.

He is from Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, West Grove, PA in South Eastern Chester County. Mark is one of six children, a Navy Veteran with five years of service as a SWCC operator (Special Warfare Combatant Crewman) with two tours of duty to Iraq. After the military he earned his degree in Business Marketing at West Chester University and now God has another mission for him! Mark is looking forward to meeting and serving you all this summer!

An essential component of a seminarian’s priestly training is pastoral formation. Parish communities are chosen carefully for their ability to provide experiences and supervision that will support and assist the seminarian toward that sacred goal. Please welcome him into our parish family and pray for him as he responds to God’s call to Priesthood!

OLG Donates More than $50K to Charity

Our parishioners recently donated more than $50,000 to two important organizations. Parishioners donated almost $20,000 to the Little Sisters of the Poor and more than $30,000 to St. Anne’s Parish/St. John Bosco School in Haiti.

“The Holy Spirit is alive and working within our parishioners at Our Lady of Guadalupe. Even amidst the heartaches we are facing as a church, our parishioners believe in helping others and assisting these two organizations that have been long-supported by our parish,” comments Monsignor Gentili.

The Little Sisters of the Poor have been caring for the elderly poor since 1839. Each year, OLG takes up a collection at Mass. The Little Sisters recently won their Supreme Court case that challenged Obamacare’s requirement that nonprofit employers offer employee health insurance coverage that includes abortion-inducing drugs and devices.

In late September, Father Mubakanda Bavon-Marie from St. Anne Parish/St. John Bosco School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, spoke at all weekend Masses about his work in Haiti. OLG has been providing support through mission trips, donations of supplies, over-the-counter medicine and money for many years to this catholic community and is planning another mission trip in April 2019.


2018 - REVIEW of Important articles


To be an informed Catholic it’s important to be aware of the key Catholic issues that are happening in our community and world.

Our parish community feels it's important to maintain on our website, relevant articles related to the release of the 40th Statewide Grand Jury Report of six dioceses within the State of Pennsylvania for your reference.




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